Our company, BIOMASS FUEL VIET NAM CO., LTD. (BMFV), acquired
ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 certifications, which are international
standards for quality and environmental management systems, on December
ISO9001: 2015 has established a systematic quality control system and has
been making efforts toward acquisition with the aim of reflecting it in the
production of high-quality wood pellets. BMFV will continue to actively
maintain and improve quality management and deliver high-quality products
that customers can rest assured.
In addition, ISO14001: 2015 aims to appropriately manage the
environmental load of our corporate activities and continuously reduce it,
and to acquire it in order to achieve both sustainable growth and conservation
of the global environment. We have been working on it. In particular, we will
use this management system to properly evaluate GHG emissions and
control emissions in the process from raw material procurement to
manufacturing and shipping of wood pellets, and deliver products with low
environmental impact.
As our handling volume of biomass fuels such as wood pellets and PKS is
expanding, we will discuss the legality, sustainability, traceability, quality
management, and environmental management of each fuel procurement,
manufacturing, processing, and transportation process. Obtaining each
certification, such as examination by an appropriate third-party certification
body and implementation of management, is positioned as part of efforts to
promote a sustainable biomass fuel supply business. Going forward, we will
continue to strive to develop businesses that take the global environment and
local communities into consideration through such efforts to ensure

Link to our ISO Certifications.