Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) is a general incorporated foundation formed in Japan as a third-party gas appliance inspector and their activity currently includes accredited certification body for forest certifications such as FSC, PEFC and SGEC and ISO certificate.

Following establishment of Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme to promote use of renewable energy in Japan, JIA offers service to audit and certify companies as certified business entity for power generation (hereinafter referred as JIA FIT Certification) based on the requirements under FIT Law, and guidelines set out by Forestry Agency of Japan. Due to different electricity pricing depending on type of raw materials used for biomass that is processed at power plants to produce electricity, JIA monitors and audits separation management of raw materials in supply chain as well as legality and traceability of biomass.

Biomass Fuel Co., Ltd. has been certified to JIA FIT certification since 2019 and Biomass Fuel Vietnam is registered in the supply chain as wood pellet producer and exporter and annually audited by JIA. Carbon calculation is also assessed and being available to the public from here on their website (only in Japanese).