Legality and Sustainability

Compliance Legality and Sustainability

In accordance with the company’s procurement policy for the woody raw materials, the following steps are taken for action as our own Due Diligence:

1. Supply Chain management.
Update information by visiting and investigating at place of harvesting, sawmill or any other places if necessary.
2. Risk Assessment
Conduct risk assessment of woody raw materials.
3. Stakeholder Dialog
Keep updating information on origin of sourced materials with collaboration to environmental NGOs, governmental bodies and experts in the field of forestry.
4. Monitoring and risk mitigation
Perform internal audit to check if DD is appropriately done.
5. Transparency
Disclose company engagement and efforts in procurement of woody raw materials to the public.


We understand importance of our own Due Diligence in order to commit sustainable forest management, and prevent the forest from any illegal activities and deforestation by monitoring traceability of supply chains and reforestation in addition to banning suppliers that do not meet with compliance established by the international standard. Not only rely on third-party certification system, we believe it is essential to investigate and see actual situation by ourselves.