“The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.”



Biomass Fuel Vietnam aims to contribute to the following SDGs.





Utilization of Forest resources

The use of 160,000 tons of woody raw materials including unused residues per year for our production is expected to have an annual economic impact of USD 3.2 million to the local population. On a per resident basis, it will increase the productivity of labor and increase their stable income.


Tackling to Natural Disasters and Environmental Issues

By creating healthy forests through the effective use of forest residues for our production and the promotion of appropriate forest management with local communities, authorities and experts including international environmental NGOs, helps reserving forest and its neighborhood.


Activities for High Value-Added Forestry Production.

Our pellet plant, designed and supplied by European engineering company having a long experience in wood processing plant manufacturing including pellet plant, uses the most advanced technology among Asian region. We also plan to expand our business field into the production of torrefied pellets in the future using next generation technology.


Legality and Sustainability

The establishment of a unique legality verification method, designed for Vietnam’s actual situation and set as our policy, will improve and promote Vietnam’s access to foreign markets especially to Japan and secure a stable supply system and will preserve natural resources in long term.
We regularly hold meeting, workshop and site investigation with experts for monitoring actual situation.