Raw materials

Product Raw materials

Raw materials

Stable supply

Our raw materials are mainly sourced from production forest sustainably managed in Nghe An Province.

We do not rely on residue or by-product from the other agricultural or wood production ensuring being unaffected by market of the other wood product’s industry and enables sustainable supply of biofuels in long term.

In 2018, 15,000 ha of production forest was allocated to Biomass Fuel Vietnam by the decision of the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development in Nghe An Province.

With further negotiation and arrangement with the DARD, we will utilize the allocated production forest of 15,000 ha which secures raw material supply on 5 years cycle for our production.


Quality material

Because our pellet plant uses de-barker, clean Acacia logs without bark make up more than 50% of raw material composition for our pellets. Other type of the raw material are chips, sawdust and residues from wood processing factories, etc.